Wayne Billington

The Long Run 2022

I am running as a survivor

i'm giving it all i've got


of 72km

I’m taking on The Long Run

This September, I’m giving it all I’ve got by taking part in The Long Run. But as I am have RP surgery I will not be actually running - but watching “running” movies - Chariots of Fire, Forrest Gump, etc.  while in recovery. So join me however you can.

It’s Australia’s leading cause of cancer, with 66 men newly diagnosed every day.

Will you donate today and help us end the pain of prostate cancer?

Together, we can make prostate cancer history.

Thank you to my sponsors


Keith Brill

Wayne, Bloody hell - this is not good news, but from the statistics you have provided any male that avoids prostate cancer can be considered really lucky. Hoping for a successful operation and speedy recovery. Regards Keith


Douglas Turek

Best wishes Wayne for a speedy robotic recovery


Joanne Mckay

Best wishes Wayne, hope the surgery goes well and you have a speedy recovery! Jo


Martin Collins

Hi Wayne Keep up the good work. We have both been dealing with cancer and it is a pleasure to see how well you are doing.


Jim Fenwicke

Best wishes Wayne!


Tony Page

All the best Wayne - You will outrun this! Race (Jesse Owens) The Barkley Marathons


Martin, Michele, Toby & Annabelle

Run Wayne run!


Angela Martyn

Hi Wayne Thanks for reaching out to your fellow BFP members to let us know your situation. Hope all goes well with your medical challenges. We will think of you on 16/9 and look forward to catching up in person at the next conference.


Vaughan Woods


Brian Hartmann

Great work Wayne.


Doug Neil


Bob Salkeld

Bad news Wayne, but you will get the job done and recover in good form. Still holding a bottle of Brokenwood Shiraz 2005, written on the label “not without Wayne”. Look forward to sharing it with you soon.


Martin Dalrymple

Hi Wayne, wishing you well, enjoy your "run" Martin


Rob Turner

I will be thinking of you and your family with positive thoughts.


David Ko

Hi Wayne, stay strong my friend


Knuth Hahnefeld


Glenise Liddell

I'm so sorry you and your family are going through this Wayne. You will be a success story for sure. Love and prayers, Glen 😘🙏


Paul T Ahearne

Great cause Wayne. Happy to support you and the message


Dom Pitronaci

Finally the wine cellar will get a workout!


Jack Pulczynski

Hi Wayne, We hope each new day brings you closer to a full and speedy recovery! With best wishes Jack and Maria Pulczynski


Sam Stillone

Run straight and hard Wayne. All the best.


Brian Cavill

Best of luck with the surgery Wayne, and I hope your recovery is smooth and quick.


June Webber

Best wishes. Enjoy the movies.


Wayne Billington


Bob Cleary

All the very best Wayne - my bladder cancer has been in remission for more than 3 years now since my procedure/chemo treatment, so a tough old bugger like you should have lots going for you! Regards, Bob


Susanne Harvey


Sue Creswell

Best wishes from the Creswells


Mark Greaves

Hi Wayne, All the best with the upcoming surgery, and well done for The Long Run


Steve Jones


Lou Alloggia

Hi Wayne Another Challenge!! and I know you are equal to the challenge!! All the very best!!!!


Warwick Finlay

Best wishes Wayne. I underwent the same procedure 6 years ago with a great outcome. Warwick.


Anuraag Agarwal

Wishing you all the very best!


Marisa Broome

Good luck Wayne


Nigel Baker

Get well Wayne and thanks for sharing this to raise awareness.


Simon Kowald


Dennis Barr

Great news on your surgery and oncology results mate. Cheers Dennis


Vincenza Visciano

Sending you healing hugs and keeping you in my prayers


Michael & Julie Horgan

Pray you will recover well


Robert Clack


Elliot Bigsworth

Hi Wayne, Best of luck for your procedure, and watch the hell out of those 'running' movies!


Robert Mcwhirter

Wishing a successful recovery


Alex Thompson

Sorry to hear Wayne. Wishing you all the very best for a speedy recovery. You have got this. Cheers, Alex.


Debra Manson

Good on you Wayne ! Such an important and worthy cause !


Jason Rosier


Jean-ann Page

God bless you Wayne.


Martin Mitchelson

good luck with both the treatment and your target fundraising. M&M


Jonathon Johnston

Good luck with the treatment Wayne!


Susan Rocchi

You will be tired of Running movies by the time it's over. Good Luck.. Sue


Collin Cheung

We fully support your goal and best wishes for wayne a successful surgery


Greg Pankhurst

Our prayers are with you for the surgery and quick recovery. Enjoy the virtual run.


Greg Tebbutt

Happy to support you Wayne!


Deb Lawton

Go Jude with you all the way. Good luck.


Rachel Barrett

Wishing you all the best with your recovery


Bob Singh


Les Herbert

Good luck with the op Wayne. A very worthy cause. All the best Les



Good luck Wayne.


Hamish Asgar

Wishing you all the very best with the recovery. Good luck with the running movie marathon


Robert Kevin Webster


James (jim) Gray

Wayne, your operation has been inspiring. Expect some difficulties, but congratulations on getting the job done. Jim Gray.


Tom Mccarthy

Happy to support you Wayne! Enjoy the movies!


Peter Hudson


Peter James

all best wishes for op Wayne. I have been on continuous surveillance for numerous years under Prof Henry Woo, with elevated but not excessive PSA (incl annual MRI), so can identify with your situation


Mark Kevin


Hugh Wilson

Glad to hear you are cheerful, and on the mend Wayne. Looking forward to catching up at the THOTH lunch


Carolyn Dianne Osborne

Good Luck!


Robert Jarvis

Good Luck Wayne.


Team Tyrepower

Let's make prostate cancer history! Go you good thing – take the power!