Katrina Gilruth

The Long Run 2022

I am running in honour of Ross

i'm giving it all i've got


of 350km

I'm giving it all I've got.

I will be attempting to push myself a little bit further this year and trying to ride 350km in the month of September. 

I will never forget that day in August 2020 when my partner Ross sent me a text message saying he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It's the news you never want to hear, and can never prepare for. At the time we were a few hundred kms apart and only about a year into our relationship. I knew this was now my time to step up and be there for Ross. Travelling to all his appointments and be the rock that he needed and trying to get all the information necessary to make the decisions that needed to be made. 

Ross decided to have the radical prostatectomy. It was the 24th February 2021 the day of his operation and it will be a day I will never forget. The longest day I’ve ever experienced. When Ross came out of the operation he was very quiet for a few days and didn't worry about the nurses prodding him constantly. It was when he started to get grumpy at them that I knew he was getting better haha. I often remind him of this haha. He had a long stay in hospital which was 7 days. We got home and while life was a new sort of normal it was still a life. There are still side effects from the surgery which sometimes I really don't know how he deals with it all but he never complains and never lets it get to him. All check ups since his operation have been good news with his PSA being undetectable. August will be the next check up so hoping for the same news again. 

This year again, I ride for Ross. To spend a month out of my comfort zone because he has had to live years out of his. 

I want all men to just go to the doctor and get checked. I want all partners, sisters, family members to push the men in their lives to go and get checked.

I will also be riding in memory of my friend Jo Jo, who was one of my biggest supporters in life and a huge supporter of my long run campaign last year. Sadly she unexpectedly passed away on Christmas Day 2021. I know she will be up there cheering me on 🌻

So please, if you can donate even the smallest amount it all adds up. Lets smash this out of the park in 2022. Lets go bigger and go harder in 2022.

Thank you to my sponsors


Katrina Gilruth


Charm Mckechnie

To see Ross in a blue wig 😉😂 great Job Katrina. 😊👍


Mike Read


Paul Moss

Hopefully number 5 goes like a Holden & finishes first 😉🤣


Adam Lemerise


Betty Mcneilly

you can do this


Team Tyrepower

Let's make prostate cancer history! Go you good thing – take the power!