John Ryan

The Long Run 2022

I am running as a survivor

i'm giving it all i've got


of 75km

I’m taking on The Long Run

This September, I’m giving it all I’ve got by taking part in The Long Run.

It’s Australia’s leading cause of cancer, with 66 men newly diagnosed every day.

Will you donate today and help us end the pain of prostate cancer?

Together, we can make prostate cancer history.

Thank you to my sponsors


Greg Minett


Lisa Minett


Laurence Cutajar

Well done mate!!!




Paul Johnson



Shane Metcalf

Good boy you!


John Eyan


John Stahl

Well done JR. Right behind you Fish and Viv xx




Danny Scroce



Nom & Ben Redpath

True champion - best of luck for the run.



Well done mate. Pretty wrapped you're still with Us to enjoy every Sunrise, every new opportunity and every chance to enjoy a Hug. Bloody go on you for being awareness to us all. Stay strong mate. Family would be wrapped. 💜💛💜


John Szanyi


Nathan Warszewski

Well done Big John!


Marilyn & John Ryan

Good luck. Well done on another part of the journey.


Scott Perry

Great effort BJ


Corey Hocking

Great cause John and thanks for spreading the word


Bevan Smillie

Great Stuff John - All the best (Good luck with the old man calves 😉)


Minky Xx

Great cause and a greater man supporting it


Matthew Trzeciak

Great work mate


Michael Sfetkidis


Sharon Minett

Good luck Johnny Ryan ❤️❤️


Josephine Brancatisano

Good luck John, my brother had same done two years ago. Spread word around for men to get tested.


Liam Dawson


John Collins

Onya John!


Sean Connor

Love your work❤️


Holly Walker


John Gasparini

Good Boy You! Legend JR!


Dee Kynaston


Paul Nuske


Darren Ryan

Soft tissue injury coming up....... :) Good luck Broheim.


Luke Evans

Good on you John👍


Joshua Bench

On ya JR


Jacqui Frith

For my amazing brother in law. Love you lots xxx


Troy Crisp

We’ll done our friend.


Dallas Maurer

Keep up the GREAT work mate , fight the fight, knowledge is power !


Isabella Pearman


Jordan Ryan

greatful to be able to call you my dad ❤️


Lizzy Bennett


Thushendra Naidoo

Goodluck with the run



Good Job John, Michael


Ash Ryan




Sam Paton

Good luck Johnny !!


Phoebe Walker

love ya johnny ryan


Ben Tipper



Lucas Cox

Keep up the awareness Mate! You've a bloody legend! Lucas - QLD SecSol


Abdrra Lll

Go get ‘em JR! Andy xx


Diamond Dave Allen.

So do you have a vagina now ?and if so maybe a drink newt Friday night.


Matt Cross


Image Innovators

You can do this John cheers Clare Maxfield


Shane Stanton

Love your work mate, stay strong & healthy! Love your passion! 💛💜


Janelle Smith

Good luck John!


Rod Ryan

Cheering you on. 😘


Ridout Indi


Team Tyrepower

Let's make prostate cancer history! Go you good thing – take the power!