The Long Run 2023


I'm helping make love go the distance.

Unexpected prize

Thanks to everyones generosity I got a LONG RUN Tee-shirt in the post & a small badge.  That's because when you add the donations previously made a few years ago, to the donations just received, it totals to over $1000 and thus, you get into the hall of fame plus the tee-shirt.
It covers my beer-gut just nicely.  Thanks everybody!

I’m taking on The Long Run

This September, I’m giving it all I’ve got by taking part in The Long Run.

Prostate cancer is Australia’s leading cause of cancer, with 66 men newly diagnosed every day.

Will you donate today and help us end the pain of prostate cancer?

Together, we can make prostate cancer history.

Thank you to my sponsors


Peter & Carol


Gregory Powell

Go Jimo!


Andy Petersen

keep up the good work


David Rowlands


Bob Freschi

Good Luck Jimbo


Andy S


Geoff Ireland & Maree Creevy

Go Jim !!!!!


Jane Flanagan

Go uncle Jimmy!!


Gary Kendall

Least I could do after all he beers you bought me at the last Flaggy. Don't over do it though...


David Knights

Go an' do ya Yob !


Robin Malone


Murray Verco

Enjoy the exercise Jim


Evan Heisler


Margaret Crang

go Jimbo


Liz Small


Ollie Futter





Good on Ya Grandpa

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You can also Donate via Direct Debit:

Account Name: Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Ltd

BSB: 062 000

Account Number: 12668231

Payment reference: Your full name

To request your receipt: donations@pcfa.org.au