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I am taking on The Long Run!

This September I am taking part in The Long Run. I have committed to running 100k's to raise funds and awareness for men and their families who are fighting prostate cancer.

My story is in 2009 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I want to say at the outset I have been supported on my journey with cancer by some of the best medical professionals you could ever wish to have on your team and also, most importantly, by my loving wife who has faced and overcome her own cancer challenge this year. 

In 2008 my GP was concerned when my PSA level increased, not dramatically but enough to gain his attention. In early 2009 a confirmatory biopsy detected I had two tumours and six weeks later I had a radical robotic prostatectomy. After a recovery period I went back to enjoying life but it always remained at the back of my mind - what if?

Five years after the operation when I hoped to hear "All clear you are a cancer survivor" I was advised further signs of cancer had been detected!

Over the next 18 months my PSA numbers continued to rise to the extent it was determined cancer had returned and treatment was once again necessary. I had radiotherapy in 2018 and life resumed and it remained good until mid 2019 when radiation proctitis struck!

Proctitis is an infrequent but not unknown side effect of radiation in the prostate region and it can take sometime after radiotherapy before it rears its' ugly head. The number of men who get proctitis are small but as luck had it...I was one of them!

After a number of colon treatments in 2019 and earlier this year I am now okay and the proctitis has been successfully addressed.

With regard to my prostate cancer - all is good there too. I have regular blood tests which will continue for the rest of my life but I hope never again to hear the words "Bill you have cancer".

Please help me support the professional people at the PCFA who support men with prostate cancer - every dollar small and large will assist! 

Together we can make sure fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and mates will be there for 'the long run'.

Your assistance is sincerely appreciated.

Best wishes for a long, happy and healthy life - Bill

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The Long (long) Run

Wednesday 30th Sep
Well looking at the title it has certainly been that. Just completed 202K’s and the body knows it but it has been worth doing every Km - the Prostate Cancer Foundation is an extremely worthwhile cause. 

My everlasting thanks to all those people who have supported me on this journey, you have been fantastic and your generosity extraordinary, I will not forget!

Best  wishes for a long, happy and healthy life.


Goals and Targets

Sunday 27th Sep
To acknowledge those people who have supported me in fundraising for this great cause, with some 3 days to go I have upped my personal target to 200K’s. 

The right knee will probably need reconstruction but it’s currently holding up and the in-growing toenails have stopped bleeding so why not?  

You have boosted my morale, invigorated and encouraged me from Day this last 30 are for you! 

Thank you once again.

All the best - Bill.

Time and Distance

Saturday 26th Sep
Celebrating 45 yrs of marriage today so it will be a quiet day “on the track”. 

Good luck to all those in Perth who intend to make the best of this long weekend and do some impressive distances. My thoughts are with you even though the body isn’t. 

Best wishes - Bill

Distance done - 150Ks

Thursday 24th Sep
Just logged 9 K’s, thought about 10 but came to my senses when I spotted my reflection in a shop window... it was in colour not b&w as usual! Anyway staggered home to record “mission accomplished” with 151K’s completed. 
Let’s see what tomorrow brings - some R&R or back on the track for the final few days???

The Final Week

Wednesday 23rd Sep
Well with only around 7 days to go in the challenge it’s typical that Spring weather has finally arrived. Hope your work/home commitments allow you to get ‘out there’ and enjoy it while adding the final few K’s and achieving your target. 

On on...

All the best - Bill

Running for Life

Friday 18th Sep
Run, walk, swim, skate, row, ride... for those great people at the PCFA who help ensure men who contract prostate cancer have all the help they can get to beat the terrible disease and enjoy life!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Omni Executive

A great effort Bill for such an important cause. All the best from all of us at Omni.


Gary Gray


Marcus Blackmore

all the best


Neil Leckie

Well Done and Good Luck Bill!


Lindsay Parker 4/72

Good on you Bill, I’m sure OTU Scheyville experience helped your determination to complete this physical effort.


Peter And Helen Clisdell

Losing Tony Sonneveld and being 1/68 OTU survivor and a daughter just diagnosed with Breast Cancer this is the least we can do...good on you and good luck. Peter and Helen.



Dear Bill, I wish you every success as you take on this 100km challenge.


Peter Kesby

Hi Bill, I was 1/71 at Scheyville. We've had our own tussle with cancer recently with daughter in law and grandson, so have a bit of an idea of what you have been going through. Hope your recovery continues and perhaps might meet up with you at next year's reunion Regards, Peter




Matched Donation

Matched by Tyrepower and ATOM Community Engagement Fund


Betsy Donaghey


Justin P

With best wishes Bill. Take care. JP


Roy Manchip

Dear Bill, Thank you for your email. Once again congratulations to you and your team on going the distance and raising money for Prostate Cancer research / treatment, a health risk that most men > 50 face. Please accept my AUD 252 donation which should push you close to 18K. Very best regards, Roy


Paul And Gina

Well done Bill and good luck on achieving your goal!


Len Foster

Good luck Bill


Graeme Hope

Congratulations and well done on this very worthy initiative. My pleasure to sponsor your 72k;s


Bruce Tresider

Me again Bill , I could not work out how to alter the amounts i think that comes with age anyway i am really supportive of your cause and hope to one day catch up face to face again for a chat .


Duncan Warren

Best wishes, Bill.


Steve Mcdonald

Bill, great effort mate, thanks.


Peter Williams


John Brady

Good effort for a great cause.


Michael Robertson

Just wondering whether this challenge involves absolutely no red wine



All the best Bill for this great cause.


Rob Youl


Mark Thompson

Best wishes Bill, look after yourself. Mark


Tiiu Stojanovic

I see that you got my brother off his bum - well done Bill.


Agu Kantsler

This one from my Mum & Dad who these days think this is a pretty cool way to spend money


Neil Fergus

Great cause and great effort Bill - finish strong!


David & Madeline Kohler

On behalf of Madeline, Tassie, Myself and all the previous members of Kilo Platoon -- we wish you good luck, Mate. It's a great cause you represent. I wish you lived closer than half-way around the globe. Cheers from all of us. Dave & Madeline



Best wishes Bill, keep moving, like you are running a 9 mileir! Sketchy


Agu Kantsler

Good One. Don't overdo it.


Susan Forbes

Run Team Run


Edward Patching

You’ve had your share, Bill, so trusting you now stay on top. You’ll be in my thoughts as I join you from a distance in staggering 100 km in Sep. Cheers Woody Patching 1/71


Bryan Thomas

Best wishes Bill. Bryan (Thomo) Thomas 2/20


Peter Moore

Best of luck Bill and well done in advance!


Bill Moss

Good on you, Bill. Losing Tony Sonneveld to prostate cancer was a wake-up call for us all.


Nick Israel

Best wishes on your fund raising and run. Nick


Doug Springall

Good luck Bill.


Richard Statham

Congratulations on your great effort. I just kicked the tin again in case I failed to do so when I received your original email. Can't remember but happy to support it, especially as at 74, it has not attacked me.....yet. I am very lucky healthwise, still working with great joy on the family farm. See


Melanie Allibon

Good luck Bill M x


Matched Donation

Matched by Tyrepower and ATOM Community Engagement Fund


Graham Gaunt

Bill, Happy to waddle some steps if it helps. Will leave the running to those most able i.e. you. Good Luck G


Bill Forbes



Good luck Bill, Wayne 4/72


Kevin Mccarthy

Best wishes Bill


Kerry & Graeme Forbes

Pulling for you Bill


Ron Packer

Well done. Good cause!



A strong finish!


Roger Blazey

all the best Bill


Niall Myles

Hi Bill, admire your stamina always...


Peter Winnall

Good luck Bill!!


Bruce Tresider

Hey Bill good on you mate we are behind you all the way. Seventy two ks is like a walk in the park for you I think you should do it a 20kg back pack to make it fair.


James Hope

Very impressive Bill, well done, good luck and I’m sure you will smash it mate!


Wendy Mcdonald

Such a worthwhile cause Bill, I have no doubt you’ll take the distance in your stride as you do with everything in life. My very best wishes to you. Go team Forbes!


Richard Guay

Gday Bill, congratulations on raising such a fantastic amount. Very proud to be able to call you a friend and true mate. Very kindest regards.


Wayne And Pip Banks

Birds of a feather


Peter Grant

Bill, well done


John Fisher

Cheers! A great effort.


Karine Evesque

Fond memories of working with you Bill. A born leader and always enjoy working with and alongside you. A great initiative and I wish you all the very best in continuing to fight. If anyone can do it you have the steel determination!! Thank you for keeping in touch 😊


Roger Dundas 1/69


Peter S Ford

Great effort Bill - beats the cross country course at OTU - and happy anniversary to you both. Kind regards, Peter Ford, Blamey, 1/72


Ben Keevers

Very inspiring Bill! All the best. Cheers, Ben


Philip Verco

Hi Bill As an OTU Member (Class 4/71) I am donating $50.00 to the cause. All the best with your personal health Journey, and well done on your great run. Kind Regards Phil


Otu Scheyville

Hi Bill - sorry about the late donation - great effort. I wIll respond directly to your latest email,


John James

Puff, puff, puff, puff - are we there yet??


Dennis Dyce

Keep smiling


Dennis Townsend 2/70

Well done Trust you are doing well


Margaret Boyes

Good luck Bill. Very proud of you. Best wishes Margaret


Peter Cunnington

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