(Bernadette) Claire Griffiths

The Long Run 2022

i'm giving it all i've got


of 100km


So, yesterday I got a message from the president of the Lilydale Bowls Club to say that my very heavy, large donation tin was stolen in their weekend break in. This is such an important cause in our world today and to have this happen has really deflated me. I so desperately want to reach $3000 and this time was going to be very helpful. Whilst it might have only had a couple of hundred dollars at this point, it still adds up and the generous support and encouragement from the Lilydale Bowls Club has been nothing short of humbling. They have a broken window and other money to replace and being a small but close-knit bowls club, I truly feel for them. They were more upset about my tin though! Just heartbroken. 💔

Camera shy...

OK, so last year, I did 25km in the one day. This year, I am hoping to double it! completely nuts when I am juggling a full time uni load, part time work and moving house!!! But I'm nothing, if not determined!!! I just have to work out what day to do this as I work every weekend so it will have to be a week day and also need to work out what route! The foundation has picked up on my challenge and have asked to forward my information to local media....this happened last year and I did not fare well on camera but hopefully I have improved a little cope with my awkwardness that was evident in last year's news report! hahaha anyway, please tell your friends and family to donate to this very worthy cause! I am in it for #thelongrun!!!

Let’s go!!!

So, my page is all set up, beautiful donations are flooding in and I’m ready! This is a great way to give back to the community! And a bonus is the healthy way I can do it! Can’t wait to hit the goal money! xxx

I'm giving it all I've got.

I’m conquering 72km to raise awareness and funds for men with prostate cancer. Even though I lost my gramps to Dementia, he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and beat it. This is why I want to raise as much as I possibly can!!!

It’s Australia’s leading cause of cancer, with 66 men newly diagnosed every day.

Will you donate today and help us end the pain of prostate cancer?

Together, we can make prostate cancer history.

Thank you to my sponsors


Lilydale Bowls Club


Jono Hayes


Lisa Fulton


Lani Davis

Great cause lovely! 72kms… whoa!! Go you! I’m donating $1 for every km!


Lucy Stephenson

Way to go Claire, such a great cause. We're cheering you on from Canberra!




Jodi Geeves

Well done Claire. An amazing effort for such a great cause.


Kristin Hayes


Lorraine Sheppard


Pauline Griffiths


Team Tyrepower

Let's make prostate cancer history! Go you good thing – take the power!