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I’m taking on The Long Run!

This September, I’m taking part in The Long Run.

I’ve committed to conquering 72km to raise funds and awareness for Aussie men and families fighting prostate cancer.

Please support me by making a tax deductible donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Together, we can make sure our fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and mates will be there for the long run.

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Scott Spanton

Over half way - nice one bud. Keep going!


Ben Fogarty




Blair Peterken

Awesome cause mate! Good stuff



Well done Mate! For a great cause!


Jeremy Balak


Graham Hiscox

With you all the way Fogs


Richard Drake

Great work Ben jog it out.


Matt Bollinger

Good work for a worthy cause mate.


Ross Knight

Onya Ben


Rodney Kirk


Emily Fogarty


Paul Marvinger

Keep going Benny boy.


Mr Bob Dobalina

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