Andrew & Helen Purdam

The Long Run 2023


I'm helping make love go the distance.

Back from our "walk"

We hiked 97 kms over 5-1/2 days, up and down nearly 3-1/2 thousand metres with 13-15 kg packs as we traversed from Orroral Valley in southern ACT up to Bimberi Peak and Down to Blue Waterholes in NSW and back. The nights were very cold (frozen water bottle type cold), except when they were stormy and rainy! Our little tent did very well.
Two barefoot crossings of the Cotter River, and a bootied eight-fold recrossing of Cave Creek at Blue Waterholes. Starting to get the hang of this cold-water thing...

We're taking on The Long Run

This September, Helen and Andrew are helping love go the distance by taking part in The Long Run. Both of us will be walking, to acknowledge how much Prostate Cancer affects couples. And we'll be wearing packs because we both believe fitness is a very important ingredient in wellness (see below). 

We'd love your support today - for the 1 in 5 Australian men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

We'll be walking each day with an 8-11kg pack on our backs, covering 4-7km and climbing 200-300m most days. In the first week, we'll be bushwalking in southern ACT, with 14-15kg, covering 15-20km most days, and climbing up to 700m on one day. 

Your support can really make a difference.

Thank you. 💙🙏

Thank you to my sponsors


Andrew Purdam


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Helen Purdam


Janet Mathewson

Love you guys, enjoy your hike! 😀


Glen Purdam


Margaret Purdam

With love to you both, and everyone on the journey xx


Elizabeth Purdam

Weel dun, cutty sarks!


Yu-Lan Trousdell


Virginia Kaufman Hall

Great to participate with you two grand adventurers.

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