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I'm taking on The Long Run!

This September, I’m taking part in The Long Run.

I’ve committed to conquering 72KMs to raise funds and awareness for Aussie men and families fighting prostate cancer.

Please support me by making a tax deductible donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Together, we can make sure our fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and mates will be there for the long run.

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Wednesday 30th Sep
Thank You to my Family, the many Benefactors, Supporters and Strangers who stepped up with monetary as well as morale encouragement to help make this my first Fund Raiser a memorable milestone in my life. 
Best wishes to All & Thanks Again!

Bike Ride - Port

Sunday 27th Sep
On Saturday, took a scenic ride to the Port area. Great views of the foreshore. Ships berthed alongside. 
New vehicles recently off-loaded from Ro-Ro vessels parked on port apron hard stand holding area awaiting despatch to dealerships. 
Return ride provided some challenges as terrain is hilly. Rewarded myself with a curry puff from Bakers Batch!
Sadly the business closes next week. Will miss them.
Beautiful sunny weather!

Cycle Pathway - Closed, Detour

Friday 25th Sep
Cycled with my grandson heading towards the City. 
As we rode, we came to a road block and a most apolegetic young lady manning the barrier said that we would need to use a detour if we wanted to ride into the City.
We declined and turned around after telling her that we were on a fund raiser. She gave us a cheerful encouraging "thumbs up!"
Further along the route we met several other groups of lunch walkers and a group relaxing on the jetty with scenic views to while away their beaut afternoon. All wished us well on our fund raising project. 
A wonderful experience watching people preparing for the long weekend holiday!

Gymnasium - Know your Date!

Thursday 24th Sep
Today our dynamic group Physiologist Mr. Vian Botma asked us what is the date today and its significance. 
We knew it was the 24 September but could not link it with any memorable event. 
He smiled and then enlightened us with news that each of our exercises would now need 24 repetitive movements! 
A great way to motivate us, we all had a good laugh before the gruelling exercises! 
Another beautiful sunny day!

Cycle Ride - Appreciation

Wednesday 23rd Sep
Sunny day, clear skies with a gentle breeze. Stopped and chatted with several people.
As for vehicular traffic it was generally light. A very enjoyable relaxed ride. 
Thanks to the many well wishers and contributors, without each and everyone of them, it would be impossible for me to have achieved and exceeded my target of $2020. 



Tuesday 22nd Sep
The last 2 days were cold and wet so I had a rest. It rained earlier in the day but the weather improved making it conducive for a pleasant ride around the river cycle trackway.
Stopped at a pontoon and chatted with a father teaching his young son to fish. Unfortunately, the tide was low and only puffer fish or "blowies" were taking the bait. However, on a positive note, this provided some training for a budding angler! 
As it is a week day there were not many people along the foreshore. 
A great day outdoors anyway!


Friday 18th Sep
Worked under the direction of an avid keen gardener, weeding and composting material for the next season. Great physical workout and mentally challenging. Overall a beaut sunny day, ideal for being outdoors and spending quality time enjoying life!


Thursday 17th Sep
Exercise regime today with a great motivator, our gymnasium trainer together with a group of friendly guys working out on several training modules and equipment. 
A fun social relaxed coffee morning at the cessation of training. 
Beautiful weather, glorious sunshine!

Alternative Exercise

Wednesday 16th Sep
Spent almost half the day bending, stretching, kneeling and pacing the driveway  while manually removing weeds sprouting from between pavers.  Great alternative exercises to get fit, just like an aerobic workout at the gymnasium, technically described by the trainer as low impact! 

Coffee Walk

Tuesday 15th Sep
On Saturday, walked from chalet into Margaret River town centre which is undergoing extensive main road work into a great small cafe serving excellent ice cold condensed milk sweetened Vietnamese coffee, a treat for me!! 

Alternative Exercises

Tuesday 15th Sep
Spent yesterday with an alternative exercise regime involving bending, stretching and extracting weeds from between the driveway pavers. As I was already doing stuff on a drive way, it seemed appropriate to drain, flush and replace the engine oil for the car!   

Bush Walk

Friday 11th Sep
A bush walk just enjoying the fauna and nature. Nothing strenous, a pleasant soothing and calming effect, great for one's well being.


Tuesday 8th Sep
No rides over the weekend, relaxed days. Today a good ride into the City. Overcast.

Beautiful Riding weather

Saturday 5th Sep
Grandson rode along keeping me company heading for a sausage roll for breakfast. Great company for me! 
Met some friendly people along the way!   Lots of cyclists on the tracks. Beautiful day for a ride! 

Bike Walk

Friday 4th Sep
Mixed exercise, riding and walking, a relaxed Friday outing. Minor bike maintenance and road test.

Team Work - Safety Check

Thursday 3rd Sep
Today, my fellow Prosties fund raiser team member, Mr. Udeni Gunasekera, a seasoned cross-country Nullabor cyclist crossed checked and adjusted my safety helmet to ensure that it was well secured, as well as riding part of the distance to point out an alternative route.
Great encouragement from a Team Member!
Thanks Udeni.


Monday 31st Aug
Tomorrow is the official start of the fund raiser. All my August trial practice times and distances will be reset to Zero. 

A good time to think about getting some relaxing exercise for the warmer summer months ahead. 

Thanks to one and all for your support & encouragement!

Best wishes

Bike Walk

Sunday 30th Aug
A bit of a challenge cycling and pushing the bike uphill. 
Downhill over the crest cruising, free and easy!

"Oh! What A Feeling" 

Bike - Easy Rider!

Saturday 29th Aug
Some minor maintenance work on my 'old' faithful bike! 
It is still keeping the wheels whirring away and whittling away the kilometres!


Thursday 27th Aug
Joined a Fund Raising Team today! 

The Long Run, Walk & Cycle

Sunday 23rd Aug
Today was a leisurely stroll taking in the scenery. 

The Long Run, Walk & Cycle - Social Family Ride

Sunday 23rd Aug
Leisurely family ride and we chatting with people whenever we stopped for a break. I wish to thank the many well wishers for their encouragement as well as their support and contribution towards the fund raising effort.    

The Long Run, Walk & Cycle

Saturday 22nd Aug

I am taking part in The Long Run, a fundraising event to help Australian men and families impacted by prostate cancer. 

I am deeply touched with the support and encouragement from family, friends and total strangers.

I began cycling some weeks ago to prepare me for the event which officially commences on 01-30 September. 

I aim to do the 72km and will just keep on going as the donations roll in. Currently on my page these are my trial practice trips.

I have been most fortunate with sponsors even in this very difficult financial time.  

People are just AWESOME!

For me, it is a truly humbling experience as I have never fund raised before!

I wish to thank all of you who have encouraged me and spurred me on.  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Stephanie Collars

Wishing you all the best Alvin as you cycle to fundraise for this special cause.


Matched Donation

Matched by Tyrepower and ATOM Community Engagement Fund


Peggy & Barry Desker

All the best!


Sam Avini


Renee L

Good On Ya Mate! Rippa!


John Tan

Keep it up Alvin!


Ramesh Chandiramani

Good job Alvin! Cheering you on from a far ..



Hi Uncle Alvin, this is such a wonderful initiative, I’m so happy you’re doing well and staying active!


Joseph Cornelius

Go Alvin Go! Houston is cheering for you!


Pamela Desker

Keep on cycling - just like your Papa.


Bev Sim

Good on you, Alvin!


Gordon Bodestyne

Ride like the wind my friend. Powered by durian.


Jan Lum


A Desker


Vj Desker


Vasil Tulevski

Very happy to contribute modestly to your initiative. I hope soon you will reach your target


Alan Alexander


J Tuffin

Contingent on having coffee or lunch beforehand!!!


Jodie Joyce

Hi Alvin, Thanks for stopping and talking to me today (near the navy barracks by the river) about your impressive fundraising efforts here. As a young breast cancer survivor, I know all too well the impact cancer can have on individuals, families and the community. You spoke to me of your intention to next fundraise for breast cancer. I told you about BCCWA - a fantastic local organisation that relies purely on donations and the generosity of the WA people. They help West Australians diagnosed with BC so much. Here is their website: Best wishes for your fundraising. You're a true gem of a man.


Francis Chia

Go Alvin but take it easy eh!


Hoy Yuen Wong

You're doing good my friend and I'm with you all the way!


M Brown

Good on you!


Tamara Johns

Go Alvin!


Siaw Fung Lim


Christina Kong

Alvin. Good on you.


Shalini And Alvin

Keep up the good work raising funds.



Right ON & Ride ON Every Ride Invites Contributions


Barns Financial Services

Great work Alvin, all the best with the walk!


Yvonne And David Richards

Good luck Alvin, sending lots of love and best wishes


Zane Kenny


Vince Squadrito

Alvin, I admire you always helping others, even when you have your own health challenges.


Edward Kong

Alvin. Good one


Gary Pestana

Great effort Alvin


Peter Bartlett

Good Luck in meeting your target Alvin


Naomi Osborne

keep up the riding!!


A Cable



Have fun.



Way to go, Alvin!


Kevin Prideaux

Hope you are successful in raising your funds Alvin.


Olga And The Kelpies



Asten Roopra

Hi Alvin, My sister and I met you and your grandson yesterday near the canning bridge rowing club. Congratulations on your huge effort to raise awareness and have the courage to start a conversation about prostate cancer and encourage others to do the same! We finished our walking challenge today raising funds for women’s cancers. Good luck on the rest of your journey 😊 Asten


Nannup Newsagency

from Walrus


Terry Howard

Very worthy cause ALVIN we me you and your grandson on Point Walter Rd on Saturday 22 August. Keep up the good work 🙏 👍


Bakers Batch (balla & Saroja)

Go Alvin. It's For A Good Cause.


Noor Ghani


Kacey Iacobellis

Well done for raising awareness Alvin! It was great meeting you along mount pleasant foreshore while we were walking our 35km raising funds for Harry Perkins for women’s cancers. Ovarian cancer took our mother too early so raising funds and awareness is so important to us. Good luck!


Matthew Clark

Well done Alvin. Keep up the good work from the 3 people sitting on the bench you passed near Point Walter


Keam Chong Ow

Go Alvin Go!!!


Robyn Crowder

Well done guys! Sorry for closing the footpath 😂 Hats off to you, my dad and uncles survived this and I’m a cervical cancer survivor. Good luck, lovely meeting you and your grandson!


Matthew Mcveigh

Meet you in the streets near Vincent library


J Cable


D Cable



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