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The Long Run 2024


I’m making prostate cancer history.

I’m taking on The Long Run

I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer & metastatic bone cancer last March and this is my second year doing the Long Run. Last year the Long Run gave me something to look forward to and work towards during and after treatment which included radiation, chemotherapy and ongoing hormone therapy. I had a lot of fun and was grateful to everyone that helped me raise much needed funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). This year I’ve signed up again to support the great work PCFA does by creating awareness, important research and supporting blokes like me who are living with prostate cancer. This year has not been easy living with the increasing side effects of hormone therapy and supporting medication although I’m grateful for the positive results so far. There’s been a decrease in activity with the cancer which has enabled radiation to be postponed for a further 6 months. As I sit here writing this today I’m about to get my 6 monthly Eligard injection then in a couple of weeks a Prolia injection which I have to have due to a reduction in bone density which is a side effect of the hormone therapy. A few months ago I fractured my foot in two places and I’m only just starting to do some running on the treadmill. I’ve had great support from my physiotherapist and personal trainer who’ve been helping me with strength exercises. By September I’ll be back running outside again so will be able to do the Long Run which I’m really excited about. So please support PCFA if you can. Any donation no matter what the amount is a huge help 👍👊💪❤️😊.

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Dave Southward


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Proud of you Dave...catch up soon.

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