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Tips for conquering The Long Run

Use these tips to reach your fundraising goals. Remember, every dollar you raise will help men and their families impacted by prostate cancer. Help love go the distance!

Get yourself up and running!

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Make a personal donation to your fundraising page and show you’re committed to The Long Run.

Share the love

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Tell everyone you know why you're taking part in The Long Run. Not only will you raise funds to support those impacted by prostate cancer, you could inspire your friends to join in.

We have social tiles and posters you can use on our resources page!

Ask family and friends to donate

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When you share your reason for joining The Long Run include your unique fundraising link so your friends and family can donate straight to your page. Every donation makes a difference and you’ll be inspired by how generous and supportive people can be.

Keep your page personal

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Personalise your page with your picture, and share regular updates with family, friends and colleagues. Include the story of why you decided to take part in The Long Run.

Your connection to the prostate cancer cause will inspire others to show you that they care and promote prostate cancer awareness.

Say thanks

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When you receive a donation, don’t forget to send a personal thank you. Your gratitude will mean a lot. Public displays of appreciation on social media are a wonderful way to remind others that you will welcome their support. Share pictures of you and your donor, or draw attention to your message by tagging them, and using emojis or even fun gifs or memes.

Post a photo

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Share pictures of you taking part in The Long Run on social media a few times each week. Share where you have been running, and what the scenery was like!

We’ve created many social tiles you can use to share updates too. Make sure you check them out in your dashboard!

Have fun!

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Enjoy challenging yourself to go the distance. You can even do some of your kms in fancy dress, take your dog, take your family, take lots of photos and don’t forget to share your efforts on social media!

Join the Facebook Group

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Connect with other Long Run legends, share fundraising tips and encourage others who are making a difference for men and families living with prostate cancer.

Join the Facebook group now!