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The Long Run

In late 2018, when I was 55, I had what I thought was a routine blood test, it showed elevated PSA levels and at that point my doctor decided to refer me to see a specialist. Back then, I believed this was merely a formality as it had been some years since I last visited to my GP. After a few more tests and a surgical biopsy, I received a call on Australia Day 2019.  My urologist confirmed my worst fears and a diagnosis I was not prepared for. On April 3rd I had my prostate removed brobotic prostatectomy surgeryThe biopsy also discovered a large amount of what my surgeon described as very aggressive cells which fortunately for me was discovered early. If left for another 12 months, it might have been too late for me, my family and my future.  I now know that this is not an uncommon story but at the time, it was a lot to comprehend.

The physical recovery took about 12 weekssome of the side effects of the surgery will last much longer and some will remain forever.  This is where the story is different for others.   Some will improve over time, but others may not and can suffer deficiencies in their quality of life, mental healthpersonal relationships, amongst others.  

This is my motivation for doing the The Long Run.  To provide much needed funds for the ongoing support for men,their families and loved ones struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of this horrendous disease. I am and will always be so grateful of the support offered to me by my family and friends during my recovery, but we need more for those who battle this alone.

I have set my target at $2000 and I will I travel the 72kms in September not by land but on my Stand Up Paddle Boardwhich has been my greatest escape and during my recovery. I am asking you for donations to help me achieve this goal. No amount is too small and I would like to thank you in advance for your generous support.

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Thursday 3rd Sep
Ready to start the Long Run (paddle!) after yesterday having my 12 month post prostrate surgery check up and being given the all clear.  Board will be on the water tomorrow to start knocking off the kms... Thank you for all the support so far. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rod Collier

Such a wonderful thing your doing mate, thanks.


Tracey Meyers

So proud of who you are and what you are striving to achieve for others.


Alan Rawlings


Steve Trezise



Good on you Steve


Dudley And Joyce Abraham

All the best Steve. What a great achievement


Paul Morris

Good Luck Steve it is for a very good cause


Kevin Rutter

Well done Steve! You got this. Will hopefully be paddling with you on at least a small part of your journey 🤙


Wayne And Dawn Stanley

All the best Steve


John And Carol Morrison

What a challenge. I'm sure you'll reach your goal. All the best


Jason Anderson

Thanks for sharing the message and your own personal journey with this disease. Enjoy the paddling and I hope you’re able to reach your goal.


Nathan Van De Belt

Well done Steve you are an inspiration, happy to paddle with you if you want the company


Paul Henschke

Good on you Steve!


Ilka Schoenefuss

You are an inspiration!


Shane B

Fair play


Cindy Pearce

Good on yo


Nadia Wood

All the very best 🙌


Russell Morrison


Helen Worboys

Great cause Steve. Well done!



Legend...wait for it...dairy! Legendary :)


Trent Williamson

Go hard mate. Great idea to do it on the board.

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