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I’m taking on The Long Run!

This September, I’m taking part in The Long Run.

I’ve committed to conquering 200km to raise funds and awareness for Aussie men and families fighting prostate cancer.

Please support me by making a tax deductible donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Together, we can make sure our fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and mates will be there for the long run.

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Thank You to My Sponsors


Tim Crommelin


Bill Chatterton

Well done Richard . Appreciate your commitment to such a worthwhile cause .


Morgans Foundation


Daniel Plews




Andrew Robertson

Well done and all the best. A great cause.


Nigel Smith

Go for it, Richard!




John Polinelli

you are a solid 100, my welsh friend


Chris Titley

Mate amazing cause and terrific effort


Mam And Bill

great cause,very proud of you,just keep going xxxxx


Sophie Mitchell


Richard Plews


Bruce Wallis

good luck Richard. spread it out and save your knees!


Ben Michael

Great fund raiser - wishing you all the best


Matthew Cook

You're smashing it!


Joan Colburn-mayne

Good luck


Matt Ward


Mai Ford

Good luck Richard


Sam Warriner

Good on you Plewsy


Tsitsi Kariwo


James Macaulay

Well done Plewsy!!


Tom Roberts

Good luck Plewsy!


James Phillips


Joe Gallagher

200km! You are mad


Anthony Kirk

Good on ya Richard, great cause !


Mark Casey

Good luck



keep running



Go get em Plewsy (AGAIN), such a worthy cause.


Leigh Nilsson

Good Luck & Thank you from a family that knows all about prostate cancer.



how many marathons is that?!


Cameron Green


Jack Stickley

Good on you, Richard! Go hard mate!


Maria Bell


Terri Bradford

Nice work Plewsy - great cause


Jeff Oates


Donna Perry


Claire Connolly

Good luck Richard!


Grant Brown


Sean Hunter

Good luck and have fun!


Minnie Bian

Nice pace! Stay strong!


Ness Castle

Run hard Plewsy!!


Jennifer Mcleod

Run Plewsy run!




Phil Arnold

That will be a walk in the park for you.

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