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I’m taking on The Long Run for my Dad!

This September, I’m taking part in The Long Run.

I’ve committed to conquering 72KMs to raise funds and awareness for Aussie men and families fighting prostate cancer.

Please support me by making a tax deductible donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Together, we can make sure our fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and mates will be there for the long run.

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When it hits home

Sunday 16th Aug
Funny I enjoy taking part and am generally one to help support and engage with fundraisers for a good cause but this time it's actually REAL. 
My Dad is affected and many of our family and friends are all praying for healing which unites us and makes us stronger!
I love a challenge and believe this run gives me the motivation to do this for my Dad and for the good fight of FAITH!

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Manuela Ebneter

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