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I’m taking on The Long Run/Ride/Walk/Shuffle/Crawl

This September, I’m taking part in The Long Run/Ride/Walk/Shuffle/Crawl.

I’ve committed to conquering 72KMs to raise funds and awareness prostate cancer. 

I am largely doing this for Pud & mate Cumbo - because I can (we hope!), hence why i added some other forms of reaching the goal...lol.

There HAS to be a cure for this Cancer - for those who reach a point where their therapy is no longer working - there HAS to be a way. 

EARLY detection - get young men talking and taking action - can be just a blood test,

Help get the drugs on the PBS so its affordable for every Aussie who needs it. 

Please support me by making a tax deductible donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Together, we can make sure the men in your lives are here for the long run. 

Lets show Pud & Cumbo we give a hoot and what they face :)

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Tuesday 29th Sep
Staring at this keyboard I am finally lost for words. My creative mind can not work across the keys to do this experience justice. I found it so frustrating that the Govt readily give money to so many other nations and their people or causes, at times it seems on a whim, yet here I have been treading the dirt and pavement, dodging the magpie season, posting ridiculous episodes huffing, puffing and sniffing my way through September to raise funds for our own men's health. The biggest killer of our men - Prostate Cancer. Some days I should have been sponsored by Voltaren & some flash compression garment company to sustain the sense of humour some days. However it didn't take long for those thoughts to dissipate. You all became my very own sheer squad from all over. Donations starting coming in, I developed a need to cry a bit in the first couple of weeks because quite frankly I was flabbergasted and completely overwhelmed by the support all our donors were making. Then Chris, Ang & Cumbo messaged and declared their allegiance for Pud. Well that was almost the end of the emotional control! So off we went Team Fort Courage (more on that tomorrow) - what was our Target: 1. Not to let our bodies break down 2. Raise as much awareness as we could 3. Raise more than $10 So fair to say with 26hrs left Fort Courage stands at $8,193.90. Bloody Hell !! We could NEVER have dreamt that would happen. My current total is $5,653 and I haven't finished yet. $6,000 will certainly do. I had a dream to raise $690 (Pud is 69 so + 0). I threw in some faith that my body was ready to try more cardio & it started to respond well which gave me belief. Then came the action to walk to talk and when it seemed too hard I persevered. With the over whelming support of all you bloody amazing sponsors - not just $ but encouraging words, I annoyed you with stupid live crosses, photos and shout outs. This brought the patience with my body as you all kept giving over the time and then by this time tomorrow I will have had the most humbling, amazing dream come true. Purely because so many of you took on Pud & mine story, loved and supported us. For this I am forever grateful and indebt to your generosity - I will carry this experience with me to hold on to as the future unfolds in front of us. This is the last sleep of this amazing most humbling thing I have ever done. $347.00 more & I will sleep very well tomorrow night.

The Odd One Out - Some Home Truths

Friday 18th Sep
Prostate Cancer is one of those 'Odd Ones Out' i say. Because its a man thing and blokes just don't go about thinking about getting checked up or having any odd health issues looked out, particularly if it's in 'that' department. I know there is always scepticism in donating to charities or organisations such as this as you may think "the money just feeds the administration and running of it" - last years bush fire appeals has left an 'odd' mark on many minds as an example. Yep some of the $$v I / We raise does go toward admin and the running of these things BUT how the hell can a cause be marketed, put out there without people doing that? Some facts: 2021 The PCFA is launching the countries first dedicated Telenursing Service for Men and families impacted by this disease. Over the next 3 years there will be enough funds raised to have 34 NEW Prostate Care Nurses employed, on top of the 48 current ones AND 43% of these are going to be in Regional areas across the country! Over the past 5yrs over $31 million dollars has been invested by the foundation to research. Of which has been ground breaking highly effective therapy for men in Pud's situation. Prostate Cancer represents approx. 15.6% of the overall Cancer burden in NSW today - like right now. There are 34,000 men in NSW ALONE who have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in the past 5 years. More Men die from this than women do of breast Cancer. Campaigns like The Long Run are needed to get the advocacy out there. That this cancer is killing our men and taking away men's dignity and right to be just that 'a man'. Pud was strong, healthy and whilst still capable of carrying out his day to day as always, outside our front gate don't see the odd things that we endure. The constant catheter pain, the damn thing blocking up for no reason. Having to jab himself with a needle the almost size of a small crow-bar every 3mths in the hope it will help keep him alive. For me to arrive home from work to be greeted with a man in obvious pain but not saying after a 7wkly catheter change because this particular one must have been sticking to the wall of what's left of his bladder and having it removed was far from normal. It is ODD and its not right. But he has no choice but to live with so many things that are Odd because of this damn cancer and what side affects have occurred because of his treatments, his will to live out weighs all that he has and endure. So when I sit on my little stool by the shoe box getting my runners on for The Long Run, I am may not always be thinking of the task at hand. It may turn out that I have put on two entirely different runners. They end up Odd as my mind has wondered to a life when he has gone. Will my energy be the same then? Will I be able to stay here in the home we have literally built together? How it will feel to come home from work and no Pud at the shed to toot the horn at so he knows I am home as he probably won't hear the car as I roll past. Now that will be Odd.

Gone To The Pack

Sunday 13th Sep
Senior Furr baby Ernie got right in amongst our effort yesterday. Getting his tutu on and flashing the Prostate Cancer awareness message out there in true style.

Still here !

Friday 11th Sep
I am still here - are you? If you haven’t had a chance to donate here is a good reason MORE MEN DIE FROM PROSTATE CANCER than WOMEN WITH BREAST CANCER. Ps: Rowing warm up is different 😉

That’s What It’s All About

Tuesday 8th Sep
You put your left foot in your runner and you shake it all about, to wake up the nervous system to feel your toes. You do the big deep breathe to psych yourself up - get out and carry other peoples hopes for a cure with you - cause that’s what it’s all about! This is a dear friend Sal - we met at a secret downtown Mudgee location for an important pick up. I was reluctant I admit to accept the drop off was a very generous donation. Sal gave me three reasons for her donation and the Crux of one was the fact that we seem so ‘surrounded’ by Cancer. Too many of us are affected by Cancer that enough is enough. So I pedal, walk, shuffle, puff and sniff my way along this month for all people affected by this insidious bloody thing. We do what we do to yes help ourselves cope, get through, over or past something and I am a classic example. I am happy to admit it, without movement I would be a very messy human. I have nurse myself along but that’s how it is, that’s life - This is life - up, down and all around and that’s what it’s all about.

So Grateful There Were No Words - $5014 and rising

Sunday 6th Sep
Last week in one evening friends who own businesses dug in and between the two of them donated $1500 in one swoop. To say I was grateful doesn't do that moment justice. Still a tad red in face from 4km shuffle, I couldn't feel my legs as I ran - yep ran to show Pud. Phone shaking I held the phone up to him on my Fund Raising page "Does this say what i think it does". His response - the man behind my drive simply said - "What are they doing?". All I could say was "They are showing they care, respect you and want to help". Without much thought I dial one of the sponsors, Troy of McKellar Real Estate Gulgong to say how thankful we were. I hear Troy's voice "How are you champ" - then the tears started. I was overwhelmed that he and all these people were behind us. Be it $5 or $500 it just hit me. Needless to say I passed the phone to Pud with my hands waving about, pointing at the moisture seeping our my eyes and sobbed like a bubba. Troy was gracious in my emotional out pouring (good thing he know me!). Needless to say I waited 24hrs before I attempted to call the Henderson family who had brought me undone as well with their generosity. So no matter what you donate, or can't and post to encourage me - let's get this awareness out there. Together Let's Keep Your Man in it For The Long Run. We can do it - because we have to.

The Eggs That Tipped Us Over The Edge

Sunday 6th Sep
My usual 'Fresh Egg' pick up delivered not just my Protein but a beautiful donation! I wasn't aware until my supplier messaged and suggested I check the eggs! Then BOOM - there is was. EGG-CELLENT as these Googie Eggs pushed our team OVER $5000! Its just astounding. As are these stat's:- 1. 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer by the age of 85. 2. 16,700 diagnosed each year - one every 25 minutes. 3. Men in rural and regional areas in Australia face a 24% higher rate of death. 4. 3,152 Men die EACH YEAR because of it. Research is on the verge of some wonderful break throughs and Prostate Care Nurses are growing in numbers. This can only continue with your help. Can something be there in time for Pud? Lets give them the best chance to get trials out there, for men just like Pud.

Case of the House Keys = double the distance

Sunday 6th Sep
So this morning as Team Captain of Fort Courage I was to blame for team member 'Cumbo' for getting up 6.30am to clock up some km's for the cause.

As the time progressed I kept getting little snippets of how he was going. I opened this video and he announced he had done 5.5km - however there was a catch. He had lost his keys! SO he had to retrace his steps. At this point I was feeling a tad responsible.

Time moves on and a final video 'blings' in & there is Cumbo safely home and 10.5km later. As he pans the video, there are his house keys siitting on the bench. They never left the house!

Lord it made me laugh - not a bad thing to laugh, it is for a good cause! WE love you Cumbo and hope your legs don't hate you tomorrow. Priceless.

Thursday Shuffle

Thursday 3rd Sep
Being a ‘once upon a time’ runner I am shuffling my way back one step at a time. Spring has sprung as it was a tad warm for later afternoon SO this meant the legs made an appearance. Don’t worry the community at large is safe as I was only on our road and only witnesses were usual 2 suspects, Ernie & Ralph 😂 My competitive nature cringed at the pace BUT I have to remember the ducks 🦆 aren’t anywhere to muster into a row, so it’s OK. The. I was only 80m or something short of 4km... god damn it... stop it, it’s OK. I had my Bee 🐝 Socks over my running socks (compliments Mate JB) and my bee 🐝 from my half marathon ages ago in honour of my brother -in -law mick is firmly sewn on these runners now (compliments of Chell). So my bestest buddies were on board today xo Here’s to good weather for a hit out Saturday in the old bike. I may get brave and have a crack at an OLD lap from (once again) back in the day... stay tuned.

Roller Skating!

Tuesday 1st Sep
The moment this pic was taken I was onto Xanadu - I pictured Olivia looking so graceful skating around and then I got all imaginary about Roller Skating! That was so much fun - I was weighing up those V's Blades and immediately went into my work Risk Assessment mode - Nope not good for ankles, skates are far safer for bodily damage control. HOWEVER i decided that it may be a bit disconcerting for me to skate any distance with pillows 'okkie strapped to myself. No to mention the bungee type tow rope to get me up. So the 8yr old bike it is & where my legs can take me on any given day.

Buggar The Ducks

Monday 31st Aug
Pen in hand calendar out on bench I was going to plan. What days I would do what to reach to 20km per week goal I have set for September. SNAP - Jane your over thinking it - get a pencil. Headed off in search of pencil then 💥 boom yet another moment. No no no - I am not getting ducks lined up because when they wander I will get in a flap, then get wound up that I am not one track. That will lead to a possibly messy feast of ice cream and blow out the scales - because I will feel like shit for letting all our sponsors down. Nope - get stuffed ducks 🦆- this challenge will roll how it will roll! That way my system will have time to deal, cope and function. Nothing like two challenges wrapped into one hey 😉 So quack all you want duckies - I won’t line you up.

Dress For Sucess

Sunday 30th Aug
To perform well one needs to feel good in how they dress. I will make it clear that the dress tyle has nothign to do with attaining best times.
As much as my mind wants to compete with itself I have to keep that devil in its place and just aim and be happy with getting the activity done, be it cycling, running, walking, rowing OR whatever I can find to get km's done.
Introducing my couple of shirts to a) Promote why I am out doing what I am doing b) To remind myself why I am doing what I am doing.

When there are moments of "This is ridiculous, I can;t do this crap" or the flip side (Like Eye of the Tiger kinds thing) where you feel unstoppable - "I've got you today you sucker, just watch me" the shirts remind of the purpose & of ALL you wonderful sponsors who have done your part and passed the baton. I won't let you down.

So shoes will be pulled on - the correct other garments so there can be no distractoins and off we go! 
TWO more sleeps!!

You don't have to literally exercise to be a part of our Fort Courage Team - how? Donate and follow us along - come along for the adventure - Please. 
Let's lighten Up September with The Long Run 

Always Find A Way

Thursday 27th Aug
This beautiful woman I know left this for me at work - you don't need to donate online I forward on all other ways as well! Another amazing message as like all others that is very humbling. xo

UNDO Your Laces

Thursday 27th Aug
So its 5.30am, frost is on - but so is fire :) trying to untie the laces from previous effort proves one thing: I obviously wasn't able to bend down to undo the laces at the time of removal! lol

Why Bother

Monday 24th Aug
It is the year 2006 - I am patiently, anxiously waiting (don't we get good at that) in a Urologist Specialist Room at 9 o'clock at night in Dubbo with a very important man in my life Pud (Garry). Pud was 54yrs old and there to see a specialist about a urinary issue and results of tests he had done. 

Prior to that we opened a letter from his then GP which stated 2 years prior on a PSA test (blood test for Prostate Levels)  Pud's level was in fact 8 (high). Needless to say the specialist asked why we hadn't been earlier? the answer was simple "We didn't know".

So I found myself sitting there, in his rooms staring at my thongs while he gave Pud a blood pressure check etc, thinking "I probably shouldn't have worn my thongs, I mean its hot but maybe doesn't look the best at a specialists. Well they are my best ones" SNAP back to the room. 

Garry you have a very aggressive Prostate Cancer. Your PSA is 28.5 and your Gleeson score is 9/10 - this is the gauge that tells me it is aggressive. 
I will arrange appointments at St Vincent's in Sydney - I highly recommend Brachy Therapy initially, followed up with 6 weeks of radiotherapy and hormone treatment daily + 3 mthly for the rest of your life. 

Well stuff the worry about the thongs! Pud wasn't surprised he already knew in himself. Me - well I wasn't thinking much except to get right in to organised action mode. Lets get some logistics sorted here, such as telling his four adult children and mother.

We had to get fuel on way home & Pud said he was getting a drink did I want anything, hell yes! But given it wasn't a bottle shop I went straight to the top shelf of Coke. No diet all any of that crap I needed 'heavy'. 
Pud was calm and said "jobs right'.

Here we are 2020 - 14 years later. Phew has ALOT happened in that time. About a month ago Pud had Dr Appt to get scripts for hormone injection etc, usual drill. Upon me getting home from work he casually 'mentions' "Oh my PSA level is rising too".

It was a What You Talkin' About kinda moments. 

"I am not at 1 yet but it has doubled from Feb reading to May's reading. The Dr is going to flag it and be in touch".

No shoe ponder moments came I was straight in to who, when, where, I better ring Dr tomorrow mode. What the hell - shit this is shit.

This is a man in my life who has nurtured me back to myself. My Dad committing suicide when I was 19, failed marriage, no children to pour myself into, diagnosis of Lupus in 2010 bundled up a bit of an introverted person who doubted their self worth among other things. Where had my humour gone - its OK to speak my mind no one will die.You won't hurt anyone that badly by being yourself, this kind of thing. Enter Pud and here I am today.

So yes 14 years is a bloody good run from first diagnosis but its still completely shit that I selfishly say I am looking at saying goodbye to the 3rd most important man in my life. 
I have already done that with Dad and my brother in law who stepped into those shoes. So this really sucks. Knowing whats coming sometimes I doubt is a better thing. 
Yes we always knew this time would come but like all life experiences its a different game when it actually happens. 

Before anyone says it - Yes you do need to make the most of every day, none of us know how long we have - yep noted, I get it, I preach it myself. 
Just sometimes it's also OK to step to the side while to ponder, get some thoughts sorted, gather the strength, stop crying every time someone close asks how you are. Because THEN you can put your blinker on ready to re-enter the life lane and go again. Pit stops are needed  - its a thing you know. 

Exercise be it good , bad or down right awkward has been my 'go to' for a looonngggg time. Challenging to work around the Lupus but pfft, that's not going to kill me, Puds cancer will. I have been on steady build up of exercise for couple months now - saw THE LONG RUN on FB before all the latest developments and thought - yeh why not.

I needed something to give me just that little bit of a push to keep the exercise going & this would be good. 

Then SNAP - back to the world of those appointments and WAITING. That's the worst. Wait for resuilts, wait for a call, wait to hear if Pud is eligible for trials, all this kinda stuff.

So to be as healthy as I can for him I am GOING TO BOTHER and use my bike rides/cliffy young shuffle running, walking to my advantage as well. To keep my head as clear and cheery as I can.
Raise funds and awareness so the men following Pud will have a new treatment a new way to stay alive longer and die with this sucker Prostate Cancer and not because of it.

This is Why I Bother. xo

Enter THE Big Room

Friday 14th Aug
Well look out - Glenn at Countryfit has  encouraged me to finally take the step up (literally) to the BIG ROOM!
I am in week 4 of taking that step and it only took me one lil session to get over my own intimidation of it. 
The machines do not let you do an exercise wrong & for this Lupus /Fibromyalgia chicky this is ideal. 
Light weights to build so nerve habits and therefore muscle memory to assist me in dealing with pain . 
So this is part of my preparation for better coping mechanisms for day to day and inevitably - doing 20km per week for the Long Run/ride/crawl 😍 yeh yeh.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Troy Mckellar Real Estate

You guys are 2 of the best people I know, you will smash it. Cheers


Owl Head Lodge


Astor Industries Pty Ltd


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Sally Broom-cox

You now have my 3 x reasons Carry them for when you need them. Right there with ya


John Reid


Bay And Basin Bricklaying Pty Ltd

Cancer is a bastard in any form. We love you guys with all our heart and hope there is a permanent cure for all of us in the very near future. Stellar Effort my lovely. Chell and Risky xo


Joan And Steve

My dear Jane we both feel for you and Garry in your struggle God Bless you both With love Joan and Steve


Glynis Hensley

Good on you Jane!!!


Frank Thompson

Here for anything you need mate ❤️


Lloyd Coleman

Great effort- congratulations - well done


Berridge & Gallagher

Well done Miss Jane, great cause


Janelle & Stephen Cooper

You got this Jane 💕💕💕


Brendan O'reilly

Top effort!! You got this long way to run but worth all the effort!!



Proud of you Janey


Helen Callanan



Kim Honeysett

Well Done Jane..!


Toni & Mike

That's Our Girl xo


The Mechams Without Pete

Because without a shadow of a doubt we know Pete would think this is an awesome thing you are doing. And now we get to see how awesome you are


Howard Berridge

Jane, you are an incredible woman!


Marg & Garry Meredith

Wonderful Effort


Linda & Mark Milford

You are an inspiration Jane! We hope you achieve your goal to help raise awareness, further research and support those affected. We will be with you every step of the way (metaphorically of course) ;)


Des French

"You Got This Girl"


Alex,liv And Grace

Good luck Jane. My girls and I are happy to help where we can.


Geoff Stait

You’ve got this. Such a good cause also. Good luck.


Aaron Williams

Well done mate you always out there doing things for others.


Liz And Wes Moorhouse

Good on you Jane. Bloody star!!!


Sue Callanan

Well done Jane, keep strong.


Helen & Warwick Gleeson

Awesome effort Jane


Dale Callanan

Go Jane


Frrd Scott


Selina Pearson

Fantastic effort Jane including your other members of the team.


Peter And Janice Dwyer

You've got this sis so proud of you.❤


Jan Jacka

Good luck Jane



Thank you Janey - Team Fort Courage for supporting us and to Everyone for generous donations of all sizes. We are both humbled - Thank You


Lynette Hanna

Just One Foot in Front of The Other


Gay Buchanan

Go girl , great effort




Peter & Janice Dwyer

Had to go again getting double is so good. You rock sis


Mel Westaway

Its a pleasure to support you & Pud xo



Love you Bliss


Milo Kerrigan


Jane Hanna


Fee Smith

JANE YOU ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN... Such a wonderful job you have done and its been a pleasure watching you strive to reach your goals... So proud of you.. well done and much love..


Shearman Crew

Love your work Jane. You are a champion



You can do anything you set your mind to mate! Great cause.




Rob Binks

Look At You Go xo


Karen Senior (herbert)

From our Hay days, love from the Herbert family to the Hanna family, you can do this Jane, be strong and proud xx


Matched Donation

Matched by Tyrepower and ATOM Community Engagement Fund


Princess Pia

Run 🏃‍♀️ girl 🏃‍♂️


Slip N Brad

One foot in front of the other. You got this 💪



Well done Jane we’re all proud of you.


Christine Johnson

Go you good thing. 🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Frankie Dixon

Rounding it up a bit closer for you . Great work Fort Courage x


Kathy Finn

awesome effort


Ang & Steve Lugsdin

Good job Hanna


Lucinda Hopkins

Amazing work Janey <3


Dave Rowe

Go you good thing!!!


Frankie Dixon

Good on you Jack x


Michelle Scrivener

Good Cause mate - Keep it up Go Gulgong’s Fort Courage


Rebecca Graham

Sophie Graham- loves watching you live stream, great work your a legend.


Vicki Johnston

You go girl ❤️


Kate Buchanan

Keep up the brilliant work Jane, let's help kick prostate cancer to the curb!




Lynette Hanna

Go Egg and Team


Matched Donation

Matched by Tyrepower and ATOM Community Engagement Fund



Great job as always wifey


Matched Donation

Matched by Tyrepower and ATOM Community Engagement Fund


Monica Stevens

Wishing you all the best and a blister free run x


Carol Xo

"You Go Girl"


Janelle Shearman

Find your happy place and keep going. Very proud of Ya Bliss Xxx Janelle


Michele Evans


Rose Douglas

Jane you’re a true legend🥰


Colleen Harvey

Keep the protein up 🥚🍳🐓 You got this thing Xo


Sam & Maddy Callanan

Awesome work, Aunty Jane!

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