Gareth Sutcliffe

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My target 72 kms

I’m taking on The Long Run!

It'll be a long day but its nothing in the scheme of things hey!

I know you would love to buy me a coffee or shout me a cold one somewhere along the route, so the next best thing is to fling a little cash instead to this good cause. 

Thanks me ole mate!

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Vincent Cass


Dan Gilbert


Will, Mel, Flynn And Gwen Mcloughlin

On ya Gazza xx


Rachael Lewandowski

Cheers buddy! This ones for my dad. X


Carol Francis

Well done mate!



It says run 🏃‍♂️ All I have seen is stories of walking lol 😂 Good onya mate Cheer million dollar bogan - sidekick


Penny Galbraith

Hey Gaz, great to see your face on instagram. Hope you and your family are great! Hopefully see you again one day soon x



Awesome job mate.


Bron Mckee


Wendy Garwood



Chris Ord

A beer well deserved mate . Good on ya !


Raquel Butler

Good on you Gareth


Elle Maulder

Get it girl


Tara Nicklason

Well done Gareth


Steven Gailloud

Love your work Gazza! You're a role model mate.


Jac Francis

Good work Gar x


Kerrie Francis

Well done Gar! Hope you have a great day x


Daniel Masterson

Go gaz! Buy yourself a big beer at the end!


Tash Jensen

Wahoo, go Gareth!


Mark Boxsell

Good boy!


Stuart Boxsell



Rebecca Hansen

Go you good thing 👍


Hazel Stevens


Sheryn Foweraker

Well done cuz. Legend xx


Roll Cycles

You go girlfriend 🥳


2 Curvee Chicks

GDAWG.... go get em!


Loz Stranger

On ya G Dog !!!


Stacey Sowter

Good on ya mate! You're a good one!


Matt Davis


Courtney Hayes

Good job buddy


Rob Hunt

Onya legend. Hope you're skinny pegs are ok after that effort 😂


Tara And Matt Parker

So proud of you big GDawg! Much love from the Parker’s!!!


Bec Kitchin

Good Job Mate, you’ll need a massage after the walk.


Rob Saunders

Nice one mate!


Erica Davis

Well done mate! A little donation from Halle for Tess’s effort 😂




Chris Mattiaccio

G dawg you’re a bloody animal..! Good on ya👍😁

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