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My target 500 kms

I’m taking on The Long Run!

This September, I’m taking part in The Long Run.

I’ve committed to conquering 500km (including a commitment to running 0km 😊, but I will walk or ride the rest, likely under locked down conditions) to raise funds and awareness for Aussie men and families fighting prostate cancer.

This disease is a bit too close to home so please consider supporting the cause by making a tax deductible donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Together, we can make sure our fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and mates will be there for the long run.

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Ping Wu


Mike S

Great cause. Good on you




Greg Columbus

Great cause Marksy - well done and wish you the very best


Troon Group


Graeme And Richard Haines

Great cause Marksy , from Richard and Graeme (Richard just doesn't know it yet)


Arise Developments

Good Luck Andrew


Dave Aiello

Great cause… good luck! You really going to make it?? haha


Andrew Willder

Would prefer to see you run 500k... excellent cause, well done Marksy Andy


Mrs Property

Great work Andrew - from the MRS team


Billy Holderhead


Gray Puksand

With Support from Gray Puksand. Our best wishes Andrew.


Geoff Robertson

great work Andrew, go hard


James Sarah

Run like the wind Andrew you legend!


Michael Wedgwood

Andrew I hope the ride goes well


Clive Duncan

Well done Marksy


Brendan Blake


Deb Poole

Well done Marksy!


Rachel Marks

Well done!


Naomi Flutter

Amazing and inspiring - good luck supporting a great cause!


Steve & The Embrace Wealth Team

Great work Andrew.


Christian Juebner

Well done Andrew. Better you than me! Fred will love the walking.


Tracey Lefebure

Great cause....


Genevieve Elliott

Amazing effort and such a great cause. Hope you reach your 500km targt.


Queensland Property Agents Ian Hooley


Genevieve Hawkins

Great work Andrew. It is too close to home for me too. I hope you have a good 5km route for walking/riding or you have invested in a good treadmill.


Stuart & Lyn

Great cause AM - you will end up riding/walking every street within 5km of home!


Brett Proposch

Great effort for a great cause!


Tom K

I also would have preferred to see you run!




Andrea Walk

Great cause, love the team name! Cheers Andrea


Deep End Services Pty Ltd



Its a long run to nowhere! Must be harder then actually going somewhere. Well done mate...450kms to go!





Andrew O'neill

Great work Marksy!!



Supporting you and the cause.


Paul Douglas




Tim Farley

A big thumbs up to a great cause 👍




Danny Pearson

Go well, DP


Ben Camire


Mike Harper

Good job AM


Shelley Begley

Living your purpose ,good job Marksy, great cause


Damian Zahra

A great cause. Well done Marksy


Adam Peach


Roger Klem

Good luck Andrew on smashing this out of the park, your kms will be offset by my lack of ..


Michael Petricevic

Great cause Andrew best of luck mate


Richard Drake

Great work marksy. Walk on.


David & Sue Kerridge

Great cause Marksy


Jeffrey Klopper

Good Luck, I am sure you will see at least 50 stores in your portfolio during your run....


Toby Watson

Well done Andrew, great cause.


Steve Mcquillan

Pleased to be a passive supporter. I would have paid more if it included running!


Darren Searle

Go get em mate


Alistair Mackie

Marksey the thought of you doing 500kms is enough incentive for me to donate, great cause also. Love your commitment. Cheers Mac




John & Gloria Mcgregor

Great cause. I had my regular test the other day and thankfully at this stage I am OK.


Nathan Trainor

Good luck mate. Pilates workouts about to pay off!


Mark Ward


Darren Holland


Gabby O'dwyer

NIce work Great cause


C G Walker Family Trust

Hi Andrew well done on another extremely good cause. Cheers Cam



Go get em Marksy - good luck!


Chris P. Bacon

Well done Mr. Marks - good luck.

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