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My target 100 kms

I’m taking on The Long Run!

This September, I’m taking part in The Long Run.

I’ve committed to conquering 72KMs to raise funds and awareness for Aussie men and families fighting prostate cancer.

Please support me by making a tax deductible donation to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Together, we can make sure our fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and mates will be there for the long run.

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Surpassed 72km!

Tuesday 15th Sep

Ok my darling donors, friends and family, I've set the kms higher as I've surpassed the 72km goal & am at 89km after 15 days! Hoping to smash out more than 100km over September.   Now that my knee is healed, hoping to get back to more running, so the kms will be gained slower, though I smashed out 3.57km yesterday in 28mins, which was fast for me lol.

If you haven't donated, please consider doing so if you can afford it! Prostate cancer took my dad from us 15 years ago and affects 1 in 6 men! Its a worthy cause to support!

Its a family affair

Wednesday 2nd Sep
My hubby Anthony is in my team for this challenge, so we're also getting the kids out with us doing the kms!

Getting the kids involved

Monday 31st Aug
I've hurt my knee but I'm not giving up! Im riding more instead of running. Hence, its been a great way to get the kids involved. After all, they don't know their grandfather because prostate cancer took him away before they were born. Looking forward to beginning the challenge tomorrow!

Another icy day training

Monday 24th Aug
Hit the road for a 1km run to warm up for a Mountain bike ride in the coastal park today. Bloody cold brrrr ❄❄❄

Icy cold training day

Sunday 23rd Aug
It was bloody icy and cold here but we braved the weather to smash out 4.48km as training.

Why this?

Thursday 20th Aug
I've decided to join the Long Run as prostate cancer has directly impacted my life. 

15 years ago my father died after fighting prostate cancer for 16 months. We were lucky to get those months. He had been suffering a sore back for some time & after a long time of physio treatment it was finally suggested that he get his prostate checked.

By this stage, it was too late! It couldn't even be treated & he was given a few months to live.

More men need to be aware of this! All cancer is tragic but prostate cancer is too silent!

I have been slowly but steadily working up my fitness levels and have pondered completing a challenge. I haven't had the drive to do so until now. Raising funds for this cause will help other families not go through the loss I've experienced & continue to experience. No matter how much time elapses, the hole in your heart where your loved ones were once, never goes away!

Thank you to my Sponsors



Good shoes, good socks, good bra & nipple tape, good tunes, good heart - you got everything you need to smash this xo


Emma Lv

You go, you good thang!



Go girl, good on you. You have some really fabulous men in your life, this will hopefully bring a better awareness of Prostate cancer. Thank you darling.


Andrea Fogarty

You got this!


Lauren Mance

You go girl.. super proud of you x


Maureen Brittin

Supporting Sarah and her mum


Sarah Auletta


Loretta Niven

You're a bloody champion.



You go girl!


Patricia Pallot

Unbelievably courageous. What a champ! A great cause. Thank you for taking up this challenge.


Amanda Bowen

Good luck chick. X


Monica Heneghan

Good on you Sarah. You go girl 👧


Grace Perrott

Woo, go Sarah!🙌🙌🙌


Jane Berry


Lisa Ilori

I wish you all the best in your challenge and raising awareness. Well done


Emma Cerasa

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